Video Reviews from M8B

----------Tru Calling----------
Wonderful Vid. Even though I'm not a very big Evanescence fan, I liked the song I think it fit great. Terrific editing too, great job.

OK I haven't seen much Tru Calling because of where I live but I have seen the pilot and I think that Lizaria has captured the essence of it really well here. The flash editing was great, and the song was powerful too. Great vid, looking forward to more Tru Calling vids.

I really enjoyed this video and think the song is a perfect choice for the character. The editing and pace are great, really pulling the viewer in and taking them on a fab journey through the episode.

Lizaria's Tru Calling video is amazing. It really takes the pilot episode of Tru Calling and gives it a new twist, which is really interesting to watch because it gives the show a new flavor.


---------- Somebody ----------
Interesting, I like that little triangle I always thought about the similarities between Buffy and Darla esp. in appearance. I liked the clip it flowed well and the flash editing was done well. Well done.

I loved the effect of Somebody. It drew the whole video together. I'm not usually one for the slow, lovey dovey videos but this one drew me in and I just got hooked on the whole feel of the video. It was wonderfully done. It had this whole professional music video quality to it. Had I randomly found it on the internet, I would have thought it was released by the show ^_^ Great job!!!

I love this song and the idea behind this video is just inspired. Well executed and great work.

That was so cool. I did notice that Darla and Buffy were alike; from S1 of Buffy actually…I figured it was a Freudian slip or something. You know, a guy falling in love with a woman who reminds him of his “mother.” But I never noticed all the small things…that you remarkably picked up on and made such a wonderful video about. The song was beautiful. I especially love the “rolling” section. Fits perfectly. Wonderful video, thank you so much, Lizaria.

Loved this video! Really unique! I loved the soft dream-like effect you used and the song was great. Awesome video! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it!