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Buffy's stuggle as a young woman with a powerful job as the Slayer, trying to fight the night yet live a decent life - with family and love

Faith is faceless because of the crimes she committed. Rage runs through her blood. Enjoy!

Dawn never felt truelly at home, when she realized why she exists. Overtime, she suffers loss and pain. Remember ,deep down, shes a regular teenager.

Right Before Your Eyes is by Hoobastank
Faith's Past has changed her for the better, all she needed was some jail time and to confess.

Lying From You is by Linkin Park
Willow's past haunts her, and she part of it still but want nothing of it.

Breaking the Habit is by Linkin Park
Illyia didn't belong in LA, but something kept her there.

Easier to Run is by Linkin Park
Faiths been through a lot since she killed. And now she wants to redeem herself.

I Can't Read You is by Daniel Beddingfield
Kennedy has a crush on Willow, but Willows not ready to move on since Tara's death, will Kennedy ever be with Willow?

Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.
Buffy has a crush on the hottest girl in sunnydale, Faith

Going Under is sung by Evanescence

MakeOver is sung by Christina Aguleria.
This MV is a Faith POV.

I Will Be is by Christina Aguleria.
One day Anya will be the woman she dreams to be.

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Headstrong is sung by Trapt.
This video is all about faiths life from 5 by 5 and Release.
The Music video is not a slash or couple one, but one that shows in the end that Faith need help big time.
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