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Favorite Links

My Etsy Site

This is where I will have my jewelry up for sale.


Interested in knowing the creativity behind the jewelry, then friend me.

Follow me on Twitter

I will occasionally tweet about my current projects and what's on my mind.

You Tube

You Tube is a great way to search videos that can help you step by step. I found this helpful when I first started.

Lizaria Dot Net

If your a Buffy fan like I am, then you'll enjoy my site. Includes Music Videos, Grafics, and more that I have created.

Friends Links

Nancy Kay Creations

Nancy has been designing jewelry, knitting scarfs, and creating fun arts and crafts for several years now.

Ana Villafane Photography

Amazing Photographer that I know. Need a wedding photographed, she's the one to check out and hire. She does all kinds of shoots.

Laura Bennet

Laura is a great artist and has some cute paintings you should check out.

Nini Beads: my jewelry site
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