For Starters

You will need to find a beading store, such as Michael's Arts & Crafts, and browse their beading section. There you will find many supplies that will get you started. Such as: wire cutters, crimp plier, flat nose tool, round nose pliers, bead books, tape measure, flexible beading wire, variety of chains, and the beads.

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The Materials

Assortment of Beads

First, decide on what type of beads you will use in your design. There's a variety of beads to choose from. Keep in mind, that the design is centered around the pendant (if one is present).

It'll be best if you keep your beads and tools organized. There are several bead organize boxes out there (recommend the larger size). Once you've chosen your design, its time to bead. Also good to have a beading board to keep your beads in place.

Awesome Beads

Crackled Beads

These beads have a fascinating crazed crackle look to them. Great for adding interest, texture, variety to your designs!.


Amethyst beads have "royal" colors ranging from pale lilac, purple, to mauve or bluish violet.

Pearl Beads

The perfect cultured freshwater pearls are rarely perfect, which is why these gems are so spectacular.

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